SERVEL specialises in indegenisation of products and has been practicing the same for almost two decades. Besides indegenisation of various telephone cables for almost all the switches & transmission equipment, SERVEL has recently developed special cost-effective installation kits at par with international specifications. Some of the installation accessories developed by us, which are widely used by various cellular operators are :

  • Wave Guide Entry Plate

  • Hanger & Adapters

           a. For feeder (7/8 ") Cable
           b. 1/2" Cable
           c. Microwave Cable

  • Earthing Kits

           a. Feeder Cable
           b. Microwave Cable

  • Copper Earthing Bar for IGB (Internal Grounding Bar) & EGB (External Grounding Bar)

  • Weather Proofing Kits

  • Cable Trays