The Servel Group was envisioned by a group of Indian Technocrats in the early 1970's. Primary activity of the group started with providing cutting edge technology and import substitution in the area of Electronics and Telecommunications and with this vision, Servo Electronics was conceived. The company pioneered the work on providing voltage regulation solutions for consumer and industry in the early 1970s when voltage fluctuations were a major concern of one and all, as lot of expensive equipment was constantly under threat of damage due to voltage fluctuation that exists in India. Servo provided off the shelf-solutions to the consumer for their home products and tailor made solutions for industrial equipment.


Servel's Diversified Services

This group also provided major thrust towards research and development for import substitution of electronic and communication equipment for defence services such as Indian Navy, Airforce and the Indian Army at a time when imported equipment was not only costly but also the import duties were enormous. Even till date such equipment is in service with the various defence forces.


The Indian Communication Industry offered tremendous growth opportunity in the early 1980's. We realized this potential and set out to explore the vast possibilities this sector promised, and formed "Servel" , with a mission to offer not just World Class Communication Products, but also World Class Solutions to the Indian Telecommunication sector.


Starting with a single company in the manufacturing of Specialty Cables for the Communication Industry, today, Servel has grown into a group of companies, catering to various business segments. It has established strong presence in the fields of Telecom Cables and Biotechnology sectors and also represents PROCECO LTD., Canada for their range of Industrial Cleaning equipment for the subcontinent. The business operations of the group span across the Indian subcontinent and abroad.


Numerous international organizations and business houses have certified Servel for excellence in quality, including ISO certification. Today, the group stands as a symbol of quality and commitment to international standards.


Chariots of Servel group

  Servel India Private Limited                Wires & Cables (An ISO 9002 Company)

  Biokatalysis (India) Private Limited    Biotechnology, Food, Pharma and Chemicals


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